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Rhinoplasty Surgery Techniques

To eliminate visible scarring, the rhinoplasty is performed entirely from within the nostrils. This technique is referred to as "closed." The goal is to achieve a more natural appearance without evidence of scarring. To remove the nasal hump, Dr. Keyes uses a chisel or rasp, and then brings the nasal bones together to form a narrower bridge. Trimming the nasal tip cartilage refines and reshapes that area.

Facial proportions may be divided into thirds. From the hairline to the top of the nose represents the upper third; the full length of the nose is the middle third; and from the base of the nose to the chin is the lower third. To establish these proportions harmoniously, other procedures can be performed in addition to nasal surgery. These options may include a chin augmentation, eyelid surgery, or even a facelift. For instance, a chin augmentation may provide a balance in the profile of a patient along with rhinoplasty, which softens the facial angularity. A chin implant is surgically positioned to enlarge the chin from within the mouth, which allows no visible scars. Placement of this implant adds approximately one half hour to the nasal procedure.

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Patient with Weak Chin:

Los Angeles Patient with a weak chin
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