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The consultation provides complete information about the Los Angeles Plastic Surgery procedure(s) of interest. First, the prospective patient views a procedure specific videotape, produced by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Next, Dr. Keyes conducts a thorough examination, answering any questions concerning the expected results an potentiadl challenges associated with the surgery. Brochures illuminating the information in the videotapes are provided. In addition, photographs of other patients who have elected to have similar cosmetic surgery are shown. A computerized video-imaging session allows visualization of the changes that are possible to achieve. Finally, a tour of the surgicenter concludes the consultation.

Pre-Operative Care
Important information referring to patients' most commonly asked questions concerning preparation for surgery are provided. The staff renders assistance during this pre-operative period.
Prior to surgery, a complete medical history and physical examination is conducted and laboratory testing is obtained. On the morning of surgery, Dr. Keyes reviews the surgery with the patient after he or she has been checked in by the nurse and the anesthesiologist/anesthetist.

Post-Operative Care
Following surgery, patients are monitored and attended by a registered nurse in the recovery room until ready for discharge. Postoperative pain medication is prescribed for all surgeries. There is minimal discomfort with the majority of the procedures. Postoperative care is provided according to individual patient needs. Detailed written instructions are provided for postoperative convalescence. Patients are called the night of surgery by both Dr. Keyes and the anesthesiologist to assure a comfortable and safe postoperative course. An office visit is scheduled the day after surgery to assess early wound healing. Sutures are usually removed five to seven days after surgery depending upon the anatomic area operated. Exercise may be resumed three to four weeks after surgery upon the advice of Dr. Keyes.

Note: All patients presented on this website have given consent for their photographs to be displayed in order to highlight the benefits of cosmetic surgery. Compare the preoperative photos, some pictures display nudity, for those prospective patients who prefer written materials only, please contact the Keyes Surgicenter. The results shown in these before and after pictures may not occur in all patients.

Sending your photos to Dr. Keyes for analysis
Submit photos of yourself to Dr. Keyes for analysis via e-mail. He can provide you with images showing before and after improvements. You can charge this consultation fee to your Visa or MasterCard. The fee for this service will be applied to the cost of scheduled surgery. Photographs for rhinoplasty plastic and cosmetic surgery will be best done with a short telephoto macro lens like a 105mm Macro or 90mm Macro lens. Do not use too wide a lens or the nose will become distorted. When using digital cameras with zoom lenses photograph all the images from the same distance from the subject (except for the worm's eye view). Depending on the camera and lens a good starting point is about 6 feet from the subject and zoom the lens to have the face fill the photograph for rhinoplasty surgery analysis. The face should be perpendicular to the camera, and not tilted toward or away from the plane of the film the head should not be tilted to the left or right.

Frontal View
This view is full image of the head. The image should include areas from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin. Both ears should show.

Right & Left Lateral
The left and right lateral views should include the entire head (from back to front)

Right & Left Oblique
The oblique views should align the tip of the nose with the opposite cheek. The image should show the entire head from the top of the head to the chin, and tip of nose to the back of the head.

View from Below
The view from below (worm's eye view) should align the tip of the nose between the eyebrows. Zoom in to show the top of the forehead to the lower lip and just beyond the outside edges of the eyelids.

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