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Are You A Candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Keyes Virtual Rhinoplasty Consultations can help you decide if plastic surgery is right for you. Dr. Keyes has the distinction of being certified by two medical boards, The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology in both plastic surgery and head & neck surgery. (Click here for more information on Dr. Keyes). Because plastic surgery may not be the right choice for everyone, Dr. Keyes screens all of his patients carefully in the following areas: emotionally, physically and financially. The screening ensures that they are good candidates for plastic surgery. The Keyes Surgicenter has developed a virtual consultation to assess potential surgical candidates. In order to have a virtual rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Keyes please follow the instructions.


Having realistic goals and expectations along with overall good health, may be a sign that you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Most rhinoplasty patients have a definite idea as to how they would like to improve or refine the shape of their nose. Usually they don't like the hump on the bridge, the thickness of the tip, or the width of their nose. In some cases deviation may alter the pattern of airflow through the nose, making it more difficult to breathe. In many cases, a surgical procedure used to correct breathing through the nose also improves it's appearance. In order to eliminate visible scarring, the rhinoplasty is done entirely from within the nostrils. The goal is to achieve a more natural appearance, without a turned up or artificial look. Candidates for rhinoplasty should seek plastic surgery as a carefully planned step towards refining or improving their overall appearance. The approach to nasal surgery varies from individual to individual. Some patients may have a specific area of the nose they want improved. Ethnic characteristics must be respected when enhancing the appearance of the African-American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic or the Middle Eastern nose.


Prior to surgery, a complete medical history and physical examination is required and laboratory testing is obtained. A complete medical history must be provided to Dr. Keyes and any medical conditions must be cleared before surgery. On the morning of surgery, Dr. Keyes reviews the surgery with the patient after he or she has been checked in by the nurse and the anesthesiologist/anesthetist. Finance


Patients seeking plastic surgery must be emotionally, physically as well as financially ready for the cost of their procedure. Cost may vary depending on the complexity of the case. The Keyes Surgicenter uses Cosmetic Fee Plan for patients who wish to finance their procedures. For more information on Cosmetic Fee Plan please click on the link or call The Keyes Surgicenter.

Virtual Consultation Cost
Along with the 6 necessary photos a virtual consultation fee of $100.00 must be obtained from every potential candidate. To set up a virtual consultation with Dr. Keyes please call The Keyes Surgicenter at (310) 859-9388. All major credit cards are accepted.

Necessary photos
The necessary photos are: 2 Lateral, side view, 2 oblique (3/4 view) and 1 frontal view.

Frontal View
This view is full image of the head. The image should include areas from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin. Both ears should show.

Right & Left Lateral
The left and right lateral views should include the entire head (from back to front).

Right & Left Oblique
The oblique views should align the tip of the nose with the opposite cheek. The image should show the entire head from the top of the head to the chin, and tip of nose to the back of the head.

View from Below
The view from below (worm's eye view) should align the tip of the nose between the eyebrows. Zoom in to show the top of the forehead to the lower lip and just beyond the outside edges of the eyelids.

See examples below:

from Below

It is important that you use a zoom lens with sufficient lighting and a solid color background for these photos. Any camera with a zoom lens at full magnification should be sufficient for these pictures. Please do not use a point and shoot wide angle lens, as it will distort the face and nose. You may also choose to go to a portrait studio that will be able to provide the necessary photos at a low cost. Print photo instructions to take to photographer.